elope in new brunswick. a newly married couple walks hand in hand towards the camera. the ocean and a lighthouse are behind them in the background.

Planning Your Dream Wedding: How to Elope in New Brunswick


Feb 29, 2024

Elopements and micro-weddings have surged in popularity, offering couples a simpler yet equally meaningful way to exchange vows. Since the pandemic, I’ve worked with countless couples who have chosen to elope in New Brunswick, and there is no end in sight for this trend.

While I cherish the grandeur of traditional weddings, I also appreciate the allure of an intimate elopement. Reflecting on my own wedding journey, we initially dreamed of exchanging secret vows amidst the breathtaking Scottish Highlands, accompanied only by my parents and a talented photographer to capture the magic. Although we ultimately opted for a larger celebration, the allure of elopement remained.

Not every couple envisions a traditional wedding like mine, and that’s perfectly fine. Having had the privilege of photographing elopements, I can attest to their incredible charm and intimacy. Living in the picturesque province of New Brunswick, I feel inspired to create a guide on eloping in New Brunswick—the most beautiful corner of Canada.

a couple has chosen to elope in New Brunswick. Together they walk hand in hand towards a lighthouse overlooking the ocean where they will exchange vows.

Elope in New Brunswick

In New Brunswick, selecting the officiant for your elopement ceremony holds significant importance. Only a member of the Clergy or an authorized Civil Officiant can legally unite you in marriage. While Clergy members often serve church communities and may have limited availability for elopements, New Brunswick offers an abundance of Civil Officiants eager to help create unforgettable moments. You can access a comprehensive list of Civil Officiants in New Brunswick here.

For a personalized and heartfelt ceremony, consider collaborating with Civil Officiants like Janet Steeves. Her genuine warmth and meticulous attention to detail elevate the ceremony to extraordinary heights. Having partnered with Janet on numerous occasions, I can personally vouch for her ability to infuse each moment with thoughtfulness and beauty, ensuring an unforgettable experience. Moreover, Janet is more than willing to travel to your chosen location! You can reach out to Janet at 506-847-9833.

Remember, your ceremony isn’t merely a component of your wedding—it is the essence of your wedding day. Investing in the perfect officiant ensures that your elopement exceeds all expectations and becomes a cherished memory for years to come.

a close up of a man and woman's hands. they are exchanging wedding rings.

Do we need a marriage license to elope in New Brunswick?

After you’ve chosen your officiant and finalized a date, the next step is acquiring your marriage license. This document is crucial if you want to elope in New Brunswick—it confirms your legal eligibility for marriage and is issued by Service New Brunswick. Fortunately, you can easily apply for your marriage license directly through their website.

Both partners must appear in person to collect the license from one of Service New Brunswick’s designated locations, conveniently listed on their website. To successfully obtain your marriage license, you’ll need to present federal government-issued identification, such as your birth certificate or passport. Additionally, you are required to provide specific details including the wedding date, the name and address of your officiant, and the ceremony venue location. The fee for the marriage license is $115.

If you’re divorced, you must supply an original or certified copy of your divorce certificate. Once you’ve secured your marriage license, there’s no waiting period before exchanging vows. However, you must marry within ninety (90) days from the date of issuance.

While this overview offers insight into the marriage license process, for comprehensive details, you can visit the SNB website.

Do we need a photographer to elope in New Brunswick?

Absolutely! Without a doubt, you do 🙂 Your elopement marks a remarkable chapter in your life; you’ll want stunning images to help you remember how you felt on this day, and to share with your loved ones once you’ve revealed your joyous news to them! So yes, you should book a photographer for your elopement, and most photographers will be thrilled to document your elopement. While, I can’t speak for every photographer out there, I can certainly explain why I’d be honored to photograph your special day.

Elopements offer an incredible level of flexibility when it comes to time, location, and date since there aren’t the usual wedding logistics to navigate. In my experience, elopements often take place during the week, allowing us to choose the perfect location and time to ensure the best conditions for your photos—after all, great photographs are a top priority (and investment), and I want to ensure we capture them in the most magical light possible!

Throughout the year, New Brunswick boasts countless stunning locations, especially along the Fundy Coast. I would love to assist you in selecting the ideal spot for your intimate ceremony. However, beyond the picturesque landscapes, what truly excites me about photographing elopements is witnessing the heartfelt ceremony and spending precious moments with the couple, crafting beautiful portraits that encapsulate their love.

If you’re planning to elope in New Brunswick or anywhere else for that matter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! I’d be thrilled to be a part of your special day, and I’m even willing to bring along a friend to serve as a witness if needed!

New Brunswick Elopements & Micro Weddings

It is not complicated to elope in New Brunswick. You simply choose a date, find an officiant, and obtain a marriage license. However, if you’re seeking more than a legal formality I highly recommend reaching out to New Brunswick Elopements

New Brunswick Elopements is an elopement company I founded during the pandemic. This was a time when numerous couples sought a special way to tie the knot while adhering to restrictions.

Our team specializes in curating deeply personal and elevated ceremonies for couples who want to elope in New Brunswick. We tailor each elopement to a couple’s unique preferences and desires. Elopement packages include everything you need for a memorable and unforgettable experience. Collections include an officiant, a skilled photographer, flowers for both partners, celebratory snacks and bubbly, and comprehensive planning support.

We cater to couples who seek more than just a legal procedure. Our clients seek a carefully crafted, thoughtful, and deeply meaningful ceremony, complemented by timeless photography that immortalizes their love story. We take the time to listen to your narrative, from the moment you first met to why you’ve chosen to marry. We hold your story sacred and design and write your ceremony to honor and celebrate it in all its beauty.

For discerning couples seeking all-inclusive micro-wedding packages, we’ve teamed up with Ticklebelly Hill. Our micro weddings offer a premium and personalized tailored to a couple’s desires. Together, we craft intimate celebrations that accommodate up to 20 cherished family and friends.

If you’re exploring micro-wedding options across New Brunswick, check out Glow Media. Emily has diligently curated partnerships with a range of venues and vendors throughout the province, to present budget-friendly micro-wedding packages.

a couple poses for the camera while standing on a green space overlooking the water. they chose to elope in New Brunswick.
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