Privacy Policy

Welcome to Shannon-May Photography's Safe Space

Your trust allows me to do my most meaningful work. Here, within the quiet corners of Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, and beyond, your stories unfold through my lens with respect, care, and confidentiality. As we journey through the intimate process of memory preservation together, know that safeguarding your personal information is as vital to me as documenting the raw, unscripted moments that define your life.

Gathering and Cherishing Your Information

In our collaboration, some personal details will be shared with me - names, contact information, and the details behind the story we hope to tell. This information is collected solely to tailor our sessions, enable us to communicate effectively, and ensure your experience is as seamless asit can be. Whether we're planning your wedding, family portrait, or the documentation of a quietmorning at home, your information serves one purpose: to deepen our connection and craft imagery that illustrates your life.

Sharing Your Story

Your moments are yours, treasured and tightly held. Without your explicit consent, the narratives documented will not find their way into the public eye. Social media shares, website galleries, and the celebration of your days in my portfolio are done with your blessing, honouring your preferences and the sacredness of your trust.

A Partnership Built on Transparency

Navigating digital spaces that assist in my work requires partnership. Should you wish to view, amend, or inquire about the information held, a conversation is all it takes. My inbox is always open, ready for dialogue, adjustments, and ensuring your comfort with how your story is held and told.

Your Digital Footprints

As you wander through my online home, cookies may collect non-identifiable information to enhance your experience, making it as personalized and welcoming as an in-person visit to my studio. These digital footprints are yours to control, with options to adjust your browser settings to your comfort level.

Reach Out

For any questions, clarifications, or a heart-to-heart about how your information is controlled, kept or used here, please don't hesitate to reach out through email. Together, let's ensure your photography experience is not only unforgettable but also unequivocally safe and private.

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