Preserving the mundane / the sunshine / the sticky smiles / the slowness / the wrinkles / the almost forgotten moments / the home that built you / the white dresses / the spilled wine
Preserving the mundane / the sunshine / the sticky smiles / the slowness / the wrinkles / the almost forgotten moments / the home that built you / the white dresses / the spilled wine
Preserving the mundane / the sunshine / the sticky smiles / the slowness / the wrinkles / the almost forgotten moments / the home that built you / the white dresses / the spilled wine
Preserving the mundane / the sunshine / the sticky smiles / the slowness / the wrinkles / the almost forgotten moments / the home that built you / the white dresses / the spilled wine
Preserving the mundane / the sunshine / the sticky smiles / the slowness / the wrinkles / the almost forgotten moments / the home that built you / the white dresses / the spilled wine

In my photography, genuine connections and unscripted moments reign supreme. I immerse myself in your stories, cherishing our conversations as much as the photos we create. My work is about documenting a lived reality, not staging it - while nurturing and witnessing relationships that allow me to see beyond the lens, so mine can preserve the beauty, the mess, and love that’s present. 

I am an artist made from childhood afternoons thumbing through dusty photo albums, a natural gift to see the beautiful melancholy, and a desire to help others witness the love that their own existence has created. 

my name is shannon-may.


As a documentary photographer, my attention is drawn to all facets of your journey – the pivotal celebrations on your wedding day, and equally, the seemingly ordinary moments that become invaluable treasures over time. Through this perspective, each frame encapsulates the genuine image, likeness, and spirit of the significant people in your life. Through time, I have developed an innate respect for the unscripted occurrences of daily life. I believe there’s profound beauty in the unforced, and in the spectrum of emotions that weave through a wedding day or the subtle intricacies of family life. My passion lies in recognizing these instances, understanding their future significance, and preserving them for you.

While I deeply value documenting unfiltered narratives, I also find joy in crafting classic portraits. These images, composed with care and artistry of light, celebrate the individual and the timelessness of their story. In each photograph I take, whether candid or posed, my goal is to preserve the meaning behind moments and offer windows back in time. 

01. finding the meaning in art.

02. love & loss that made me.

03. the truly fun facts.

04. why weddings & portraits.

In my journey as a photographer, the profound loss of my father has been a defining force, reshaping my approach and philosophy towards photography. This personal experience of grief and gratitude for the photos I have of him has become a cornerstone of my work. These images, capturing his true spirit beyond mere likeness, hold immense meaning for me, underscoring the importance of documenting authentic moments.

I often reflect on my childhood, wishing for more photographs of simple, everyday moments with my dad – feeding animals, working in the garden, or the warmth of the kitchen with my mom. These memories, fleeting yet significant, drive my passion for capturing the essence of family life.

My own path, marked by childlessness, has deepened my connection to the parent-child relationship. It fuels my desire to document the genuine experience of parenthood and childhood, preserving these stages as they truly are. In both wedding and family photography, my aim is for people to see their photos and feel the authenticity of those moments, rather than recall a posed directive. 

01. finding the meaning in art.
02. love & loss that made me.
03. the truly fun facts.
04. why weddings & portraits.

For as long as I can remember, I've been a collector of memories, not just through photographs but also through every heartfelt card I've received (and kept, yes - every single one) since my teenage years. My life is sprinkled with moments of humor and serendipity – like that time in Paris when, after a mishap at the Louvre, I found myself the target of pigeon antics, not once but twice in a day. My own journey to love was a story of patience and serendipity. Meeting my husband at 36, we navigated through a snowstorm for our first date, and our marriage has been an adventure of contrasts and shared quirks ever since. 

Last year, a diagnosis of ADHD brought clarity and understanding to my life. It's been a journey of self-discovery, learning to embrace what I once saw as flaws as the very strengths that make me unique. My newfound rhythm includes indulging in cow hoove care videos in my spare time. As a devoted dog mom to Olive and Lucy, my world at-home is filled with cuddles and the simple joy of their companionship. Olive, in particular, shares a bond with me that's hard to put into words – she's my diva, my loyal confidant, and the one who understands me without a word. Each of these snippets forms the mosaic of who I am – a photographer, storyteller, memory keeper, and an individual who finds joy in the unexpected and beauty in the everyday.

01. finding the meaning in art.

02. love & loss that made me.
03. the truly fun facts.
04. why weddings & portraits.

I’m not just a photographer; I'm a collaborator, an overcommunicator who values understanding and guiding my clients through their experiences. My work is about creating and documenting beautiful, meaningful experiences, infused with both professionalism and a touch of humor. I enjoy diving into the deep, richness of human existence - the good stuff, the hard stuff, and the days in between. Documenting weddings, elopements, engagements, and family portraiture allows me to do that every day and across generations. 

Whether I’m photographing the full spectrum of emotions on a wedding day or creating timeless portraits, my focus is always on the individuals and their stories, ensuring that every image visualizes genuine emotion and narrative depth. This commitment to authenticity and personal connection is what drives my love for being a wedding and portraiture photographer.

01. finding the meaning in art.
02. love & loss that made me.
03. the truly fun facts.
04. why weddings & portraits.


The values


Collaboration lies at the heart of my photography. Through detailed questionnaires and engaging meetings, I delve deep into understanding your unique stories and priorities. This personalized approach ensures every session is a reflection of you, not just a series of poses. From scouting meaningful locations to adapting session lengths, I prioritize your comfort and vision. By encouraging your input and exploring your favourite images, we craft a photographic experience that truly resonates, depicting the essence of your relationships and life stage.

Collaboration is foundational.

Trust is extremely important in this line of work, and enables me to craft images that truly resonate. I understand that being photographed, and creating images that reflect the intimacy of your life and love, can be a deeply vulnerable experience. I will do everything in my power to ensure our collaboration is built on a foundation of trust, allowing us to be open and authentic with each other.

Trust is necessary for true documentation.

At the heart of my work lies a core value of inclusivity. Love, in all its forms, deserves a safe and welcoming space. I'm dedicated to being a continuous learner and ally, committed to fostering an environment where every expression of love is celebrated. I believe in the equality of all individuals, embracing and honoring love across all spectrums of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, and ability. Your love story, unique and beautiful, is safe here to be authentically told and cherished.

Inclusivity is part of everything I do.

Rainbow Registered
/ Proudly 2SLGBTQI+ Friendly

All love is pure magic. yours deserves to be celebrated, documented, and seen.

To me, this work means embracing and celebrating every individual, inclusive of their background and love story. I’m dedicated to creating a safe, welcoming space for all, and continually educating myself to be a better ally. As a Rainbow Registered business, I’m committed to ensuring everyone feels seen, supported, and cherished in their most meaningful moments.

A path of love / “we did it” joy
Quiet moments / protected by love
Giggly puppy chases / in their “forever” era
Quiet moments / protected by love
Enchanted embrace / reception romance
Elegant ease / pre-wedding serenity
Hands, touching hands / cousins reunite
Nurturing moments / sibling wonder
Wedding waltz / precious moments
Rainy romance / stealing kisses
Childhood joy / fleeting moments
Love's embrace / serenity at home

01. Preserving Moments

02. The Messiness



It’s time to ditch the phone photos. Ensuring you have soul-baring photos of your loved ones in an album to enjoy repeatedly is key. It’s not just about preserving moments; it’s about holding onto memories of those you cherish most. This is an essential part of what I do, capturing love in tangible form.

Documenting the beautiful mess of life, from newborn laundry piles to wedding day stresses, capturing genuine laughter amidst chaos. These unpolished moments become treasured favourites, embodying the essence of human love and life. I love seizing the raw emotions that unfold naturally and unforgettably.

My job extends beyond capturing newlyweds; it involves witnessing the love and life stages of those celebrating you. From grandparents’ age-old affection to the fuss and tears of friends, these are the moments you’ll cherish, the stories and emotions of your day seen for perhaps the first time.

Let’s skip the small talk and curated lists; my passion lies in documenting life’s deeper, real moments. The unnoticed proud gazes, the emotional depths that often go unseen, these are the memories that will move you to tears. Your life is rich with profound moments, and I’m here to ensure they’re preserved.

The stuff that's just not me

01. Photos As Content

02. Following Trends

03. Low Effort

04. Perfection

Referring to photos as 'content' misses the essence of what I do. I seek to collaborate with those who value the artistry and authenticity of documenting life's genuine moments, not just for social media appeal but for personal collections. I believe in documenting the beautiful realities of existence, not just chasing 'likes' or curating a perfect online persona. 

I try to steer clear of fleeting trends, focusing instead on timeless, truthful storytelling. My approach isn't about replicating popular images; it's about creating art that reflects your unique story - and will transport you back to the feelings of a specific time in your life. 

I seek clients who actively engage in my creative process. This isn’t just about showing up and taking pictures. It's a collaborative journey of trust and connection. I invest significant effort in preparing for each session and cherish clients who reciprocate with enthusiasm, participate in planning, and share their stories openly. 

Here, the pursuit of perfection will always be set aside to make room for the beauty of authenticity. I prefer working with folks who want to document their life and their love “as is” - knowing this is the closest thing to preserving a moment in time. It’s the messy, imperfect moments that create the most unreplicable, beautiful images. 

The stuff that's just not me

A truly personalized photographic experience, from inquiry to artful documentation, culminating in photos that are a reflection of your life.


 After our initial discovery call, I delight in crafting a unique experience for each client, from providing a thoughtful welcome package to holding in-depth discussions about your preferences and priorities. My approach is thorough yet flexible, adapting to each client’s comfort and individuality. I offer payment plans for folks celebrating their marriage - and make myself available for check-ins and advice as the wedding day approaches. Once captured, I meticulously edit your images, keeping you informed throughout the process. I believe the final delivery of your gallery should be a special moment, complete with fine-tuned prints and bespoke albums, and work with you to choose a day that allows for well-deserved celebration and time spent reminiscing. 

Common questions



01. How do you handle camera shy clients or guests?

When encountering clients or guests who are camera-shy, I approach them with a blend of empathy and respect for their boundaries. My own social awkwardness becomes an asset, helping to create a relaxed and reassuring atmosphere. I offer smiles, space, and plenty of encouragement, allowing them time to gradually warm up. Before sessions, I discuss the importance of mindset, emphasizing comfort and authenticity over forced smiles or poses.

My philosophy is to never pressure anyone to step in front of the camera. Instead, I focus on building a connection, often spending time in conversation before even lifting my camera. This approach helps to put camera-adverse individuals at ease, making the photography experience more about genuine interaction and less about the camera itself. My goal is to document a person’s true self, in a way that feels natural and comfortable to them.

02. What’s your process for handling the security and privacy of photos?

Ensuring the privacy and security of my clients' photos is paramount in my practice. To safeguard your photos, I provide password-protected online galleries. This means only individuals with whom you choose to share the gallery can access your photos, ensuring a controlled and private viewing experience. I also invest in cloud-based backup storage so your photographs are protected from any computer-related mishaps. 

In terms of social media sharing, I'm meticulous about respecting my clients' wishes. I only post images publicly after clients have received their photos and have had the opportunity to share them first with their loved ones. If you prefer to keep your images off social media or from being shared with other wedding vendors, I fully honor that request. I advocate for your privacy rights and make it clear that vendors should not automatically expect access to a couple’s wedding photographs. My commitment is to your preference and comfort in how your images are used and shared.

03. Life is unpredictable. What happens if you can’t shoot our planned date or session?

In the event of unforeseen circumstances preventing me from attending a session or a wedding, I have measures in place to ensure you are taken care of. For sessions, we can reschedule to a more convenient date, or if that's not possible, I offer a full refund. This is a rare occurrence, but I'm prepared to handle it with care and consideration.

Weddings require a different approach due to their significance and complexity. If I am unable to attend a wedding, my priority is to find and arrange a suitable, skilled alternative photographer. I understand the importance of this day, and I go to great lengths to ensure my clients have a professional they can trust. An example of this commitment was when my father passed away, and I had to find replacements for three weddings during a peak season. Despite the personal challenges, I dedicated myself to contacting photographers, sending emails, and reaching out on social media to secure reliable alternatives for my clients. Your peace of mind on your special day is my utmost concern.

04. Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely. I offer flexible payment options to accommodate your needs. For both portrait sessions and weddings, my standard payment plan divides the total cost into three manageable installments. This approach helps in easing the financial commitment. Additionally, I'm open to customizing payment plans to better suit individual circumstances. My goal is to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible, ensuring that you can focus on enjoying our collaboration without financial strain.

05. How far will you travel for a session or wedding day?

I'm delighted to offer my photography services across Canada, ensuring that distance doesn't hinder the documentation of your special moments. My commitment to excellence extends to meticulously researching and familiarizing myself with new locations. I frequently travel to Saint John, Fredericton, Moncton, and Halifax for weddings and family sessions. If you are interested in working with me in any of these locations, I recommend exploring my “SMP on Tour” dates (linked). 

For weddings outside the Maritimes, I arrive two days prior to the event, allowing ample time to explore the venue, scout ideal photo spots, and understand local traffic conditions, all to ensure a seamless photography experience.

Travel fees are calculated based on airfare, a minimum of two nights' accommodation, car rental, and any additional incidentals. This comprehensive approach ensures I'm fully prepared and focused on delivering the best possible service. For specific travel fee details and a custom quote tailored to your unique needs, please feel free to reach out. My goal is to make your photography experience memorable, no matter where it takes place.

06. Can we opt out of a printed album?

In a nutshell, no. My approach to wedding photography is holistic and includes creating a timeless album as a key component. It's a non-negotiable part of my service because I believe strongly in the value and longevity of professionally printed albums. They are not just products; they are enduring heirlooms that encapsulate your special day.

The choice of print lab is as crucial as selecting your photographer. My collaboration with top-quality labs ensures that your photographs are presented in the best possible way, with attention to colour, detail, and durability. These albums and prints are designed to last for decades, becoming cherished family treasures.

While opting out of an album isn't possible, I do offer a range of additional professional printing options. These include bespoke fine art albums, contemporary coffee table books, and parent books, which make perfect gifts. For weddings, I also provide custom guest books featuring your engagement photos, creating a unique space for guests' well wishes. These offerings are all part of ensuring your memories are preserved in the most beautiful and lasting manner.

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