a mother sits a small kitchen table with her two young sons. she is cutting up a piece of fruit while her little boys look on with wonder and curiousity.

Why I Love Photographing Families in Their Personal Spaces


Mar 5, 2024

As a photographer who deeply values the authentic and unscripted moments of life, I’ve found a special kind of magic in photographing families within the comfort of their own personal spaces. There’s something about being in a space that’s so intrinsically ‘you’ that brings out the most genuine expressions of love, connection, and the beautiful chaos that comes with family life.

My journey as a photographer has taken me through various stages and styles, but it’s in these intimate, personal settings where I feel I can truly capture the essence of a family. Perhaps it’s the familiar surroundings that put everyone at ease, or maybe it’s the way people naturally interact in a place they call home. Whatever the reason, the results are always deeply moving and incredibly personal.

The magic of your personal space.

Let’s talk about the magic of your space. Every home has its corners filled with stories, laughter, and tears. These spaces, be it a cozy living room, a sunlit kitchen, or a backyard brimming with memories, are where your life unfolds. As someone who appreciates the nuances of storytelling, I find these environments to be the perfect backdrop for photographing your family’s unique narrative.

One of my favourite things about photographing families in their homes is the opportunity to document the ‘real’ moments. It’s not just the posed, picture-perfect smiles, but the impromptu pillow fights, the quiet cuddles, the belly laughs, and even the occasional temper tantrums that paint the true picture of family life. As someone who loves to ‘find’ portraits, setting up and waiting for those natural interactions is where I find my joy.

Being in your space also allows me to get creative with compositions in a way that feels authentic to your family. Whether it’s capturing the morning light streaming through your kitchen window as you make pancakes together or the tender moments of bedtime stories in a child’s bedroom, these are the scenes that tell your family’s story in the most honest way possible.

Another aspect of working in personal spaces is the ability to capture the passage of time. Returning to a family year after year and photographing them in the same space creates a beautiful timeline of growth and change. It’s about documenting the evolution of your family, from the arrival of new members to the growth of little ones into young adults. These are the kinds of memories that become even more precious as time goes on.

Photographing families in their natural habitat allows for candid, “found” moments.

When photographing families, I approach each session with the aim of creating found portraits. This means I’m always observing, looking for those unguarded moments of interaction and connection. It could be as simple as a knowing glance shared between siblings or the gentle touch of a parent’s hand. These are the details that might go unnoticed in the rush of everyday life but hold immense significance when frozen in time.

I also understand that inviting a photographer into your personal space requires a level of trust and comfort. This is why I spend time getting to know you and your family before the session. Whether through questionnaires or a casual chat over coffee (or Zoom), it’s important for me to understand your family’s dynamics, interests, and what makes you, well, you. This insight allows me to blend seamlessly into your space, respecting your privacy while capturing your family’s authentic essence.

Your space is a reflection of the generations of love that has gone into your family.

So, if you’re considering a family session, think about the spaces where your family’s story unfolds. Whether it’s baking in the kitchen, gardening, reading bedtime stories, or simply lounging on a Sunday morning, these are the moments worth preserving. Because in the end, it’s these everyday scenes, documented with care and love, that become the most cherished memories.

As someone who aspires to be more than just your photographer – to become an extension of your family – I invite you to share your space and your story with me. Let’s create a collection of images that are as unique and special as your family, images that will be looked back on for generations to come.

If what I’ve shared here inspires you and you would like to explore options about having me photograph your family, I’d love for you to reach out to me. Use my contact form, found here.

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