Cultivating the Right Mindset for Your Photo Session


Mar 4, 2024

Documenting the journey of life in all its phases is a core belief of mine. From the laughter of youth to the wisdom of age, I cherish documenting people in their most authentic settings. My aspiration is to create lasting ‘found portraits’ for families, providing a window into cherished moments as children grow and parents age.

Your mindset is the cornerstone of a successful photo session. Every photographer’s ultimate goal is to ensure you not only enjoy the experience but also cherish the resulting images. However, if you arrive with closed-off energy and a negative attitude based on preconceived ideas of what to expect, it creates hurdles for everyone. Photographers are not magicians, and spending the session trying to uplift someone who feels miserable detracts from the creative process. So, cultivating the right mindset is the best way you can set the stage for your next photo session.

Cultivating the right mindset

Participating in the session for someone else, like a parent or partner, is truly commendable—it demonstrates a beautiful willingness to embrace vulnerability for their happiness. However, showing up isn’t merely about physical presence; it’s about active engagement. Being open to direction from your photographer when needed is crucial. Your willingness to relax and trust their guidance can lead to capturing the most authentic and memorable moments.

Additionally, letting go of any inhibitions and allowing yourself to be present in the moment fosters genuine interactions with your loved ones. Whether it’s sharing a laugh, stealing a glance, or exchanging a tender moment, these are the elements that make your photos truly special and reflective of your unique connection.

So, take some time to prepare your mindset in advance of your photo session. Engage in conversations with your loved ones about the session, brainstorming ways to make it enjoyable for all involved. Talk to your photographer about any hesitations you or your loved one(s) have so they can encourage you and even meet with you ahead of time to talk things through.

When you arrive with positivity and enthusiasm, it becomes contagious, fueling a dynamic energy that inspires and uplifts everyone, including your photographer. The result will be images that beautifully document and preserve your remarkable life with only good memories associated with the experience of being photographed.

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